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  • Evansville Educational Article of the Month - What can Evansville mice chew through?

What can Evansville mice chew through?

It is important that you find out what Evansville mice can chew through before deciding on blocking them out of your house. House inspection is good as it will enable you find their entry points, but without knowing what the mice can chew through you still will not get the solution. You will still face the same problem as the mice can easily chew through the things you used to block their entry holes.

Mice can chew through soft plastic
If you want to close down Indiana mice entry holes, you should endeavor to make use of mouse-proof. You can also use sealed container as it also works great. Even the hard woods can also be of help to you when you have mice infestation and need perfect solution. Making use of soft plastic to cover mice hole is a waste of time as they can easily chew through them.

Mice can chew through wood and cardboard
Are you planning to block Evansville mice out of your house using soft wood and cardboard? You should think again as they can easily chew through cardboard and woods. The only thing is that it may take them time before they can chew through the wood but, they can do it with time.

Mice can chew through paper
There is no need trying to block Indiana mice out using paper as they even like eating papers sometimes. They will eat up the papers into pieces and gain access into your property unrestrictedly. Therefore, you do not have to try making use of paper as a mouse-proof as it will not do you any good. You can go for other materials made for that purpose found in the market.

Mice can chew through rugs and carpets
Your carpets and rugs cannot be able to prevent Evansville mice from coming into your home or getting into your attic. They can easily chew on them when they want to gain access to your property. Therefore, there is no even need trying to block mouse from entry your property using your rugs or carpets. Look for something more difficult and the problem will be solved within a short while.

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