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  • How We Solve Indiana Wildlife Problems

How We Solve Evansville Wildlife Problems

It starts with your phone call. We answer our phones 24/7, and we will carefully listen to your wildlife problem. Every case is different, so we will ask appropriate questions to help us understand the situation better. Questions like, "do you hear the noises at night or during the daytime?" or "what type of roof do you have?" After we have a general idea of your situation, we can provide a ballpark price range, and schedule a same-day or next-day appointment to inspect your property.

INSPECTION: Once on site, we will perform a full inspection of your home and property. This allows us to use the correct strategy and traps. If the animals are in an attic, a full building inspection is crucial, including the following:

  • All ground-level areas, such as piper or A/C line entry & exit areas, A/C chase bottoms, ground-level vents, etc.
  • All mid-level areas, such as dryer vents, siding gaps, first floor eaves or dormers, etc.
  • We inspect the entire roof, including all plumbing stacks, ridge caps, vents, and other potential gaps or holes.
  • We also inspect inside your attic, to identify animals and damage they have caused.
  • If the animals are outside, we notice many subtle clues that will assist us in a successful strategy.

TRAPPING, EXCLUSION, REMOVAL: Once we understand what animal species we are dealing with, and the problem, we use the most effective means of removing the animals. We use dozens of different types of traps.

  • Trapping - If trapping the animal(s) in live cage traps, trap type, set, and location are crucial to success.
  • Exclusion - Oftentimes, we are able to simply set one-way doors or other exclusion devices that allow the animals inside a building to safely exit, but never get back inside.
  • Removal By Hand - Sometimes we actually remove animals by hand, or with special tools like snare poles.
  • The Law - In all cases, we obey state and local laws regarding wildlife, but aim to take the most humane approach.

ENTRY HOLE REPAIRS: Repairs are a crucial step in the wildlife removal process. In many cases, such as bat or rodent control, the job cannot be performed without detailed repairs, and in all cases, sealing the entry holes shut ensures that no future wildlife will ever enter your home.

  • 100% of the entry holes must be found, and sealed shut, or the job is not complete.
  • Our repairs are professional contractor grade, look good, and when applicable we use steel, which rodents such as rats or squirrels are unable to chew through.
  • We give a written guarantee on our repairs against any future animal entry.

ATTIC DECONTAMINATION SERVICES: It may be desirable to clean your attic after we've removed the animals. They can leave behind large amounts of droppings, urine, hair, oils, food, nesting material, and so on. These remnants can attract insects like cockroaches, and the scent left behind can encourage new animals to chew their way into your house. You might experience odor problems from the waste. It's possible that mold will grow on waste areas.

  • We remove or vacuum all droppings, or remove all the soiled insulation.
  • We fog the attic with a special enzyme-based cleaner that destroys any organic matter and deodorizes the space.
  • We repair damage, such as ductwork, electrical wires, pipes, insulation, and more.
The above are just a brief explanation of some of our methods. I haven't even addressed the hundreds of other potential cases that we deal with, from bat exclusions, to poison-free rodent control, to dead animal removal, bird roosting prevention, mole trapping in a yard, ground-based exclusion barriers around a shed, etc. etc. Just give us a call any time, and we can describe in detail how we will resolve your specific wildlife problem.

If you want to be treated courteously, and with respect, with a service that you can really rely on, you’ve come to the right place. That’s exactly what our family run business can offer you, and that’s with ten years of experience in the field of wildlife control too. We take great pride in our humane outlook on controlling and removing wildlife from within both residential and commercial properties. We won’t ever use poison, only turning to exclusion devices, live cage traps, and preventative measures to ensure animals are evicted and then can’t get back in. There are legalities surrounding the topic of wild animal removal, especially animals such as bats, and by hiring us you can be sure the law is adhered to, and the job is done properly. You may find that wild animals such as opossums, groundhogs, raccoons and skunks have a particular preference for those areas under your porch or shed? We can remove those, and we can seal things up so they don’t come back also. Larger animals can prove tricky to "exclude," such as raccoons and opossums, and these are animals we would capture using safe and humane live cage traps. Following this, we would drive the animal ten or more miles away before releasing in a suitable environment. This is to ensure the animal can’t find its way back, and also that it survives in the big wide world. Your home would then be sealed, using our 32-point inspection process, to make sure NO wild animals can gain entry ever again. You could say that we do a very thorough job! Get in touch for your free quote, or just for some free advice, today!

We service Gibson County, Henderson County, Posey County, Warrick County, and more. We also service Darmstadt, Highland, Melody Hill, Armstrong, Earle, Kasson, Mechanicsville, Saint Wnedel, Inglefield, Elliott, Knob Hill, Mud Center, Smythe, County Club Meadows, Erskine Station, Kratzville, Nisbet, Stacer, Crossroads, Hardwood, Lakewood Hills, Rahm, Stringtown, Cypress, Hillsdale, Martin, Red Bank, Vaughhan, Daylight, Inglefield, McCutchanville, Saint Joseph, Armstrong Township, German Township, Perry Township, Scott Township, CenterTownship, Knight Township, Pigeon Township, Union Township, and more. To learn more about our services, visit the Evansville wildlife control home page.

This month's wildlife how-to article: What Are The Best Methods to Kill Gophers

Gophers take very less time to invade the garden and yard area in your house; soon you will be left with lots of dirt around. These creatures can ruin your seeds, plants and almost everything that you have left unattended in the outdoors. Many people spend sleepless nights to capture gophers around their premises, but they end up finding lots of holes only. The true fact is that you cannot capture a gopher at your own; you may need help from experts to complete this task. But there are few methods to kill gophers, and they can be implemented with ease. Below we have listed some of the best methods to kill gophers.

Let your pets handle this job:
In case if you have large pets in your premises such as a big cat or dog, allow them to roam freely around the garden at night hours as they can hunt the gophers while you are enjoying your sleep. However, in case if you live in the area that stays surrounded by lots of wild animals such as hawk, owl, and snakes, etc. then you need not make efforts to kill these annoying rodents.

Get a trap:
One of the most trusted practical solution to deal with the gopher’s problem is using a trap. The spring mechanism of specially designed traps are capable enough to crush the rodent instantly, but if you use this method, it is important to clean the mess afterward. Indeed, this is one of the most critical tasks for homeowners. It is better to take help from professional gopher exterminators to deal with this situation.

Feed them with poison:
Another possible option to deal with gopher’s problem is using poison. The idea is to use some toxic substance such as strychnine or zinc phosphide that can easily kill gophers around. But this method is not suitable for people who have pets and kids in the house because sometimes the substance is accidentally consumed by them and it leads to huge trouble.

Chock them to death:
Manufacturers have designed lots of devices to deal with gopher’s problem, and one of the most popular in the list is gopher gasser. It produces lots of smoke that ultimately chock these rodents to death. This instrument looks like a simple stick that flares immediately when it is lightened with a flame. You have to place this instrument inside gopher tunnel and seal them from outside. The smoke causes decay of oxygen inside the tunnel and soon die as no air is left inside.

Let professionals handle it:
In case if you are not able to handle any of these methods to deal with gopher problem in your habitat, it is good to take help from professionals. The trained and experienced gopher exterminators can capture these rodents with ease and manage the whole dirty work of killing and cleaning with standard procedures. They will also seal the tunnels to make your property free from gopher’s attack in future.
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