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  • Evansville Educational Article of the Month - Types of Evansville Chipmunk Repellents: Do They Work?

Types of Evansville Chipmunk Repellents: Do They Work?

Chipmunks are well known as some hyperactive members of the squirrel family. You can identify them as small Evansville rodents that prefer to create safe living spaces underground by building some tunnels and burrows, but at the same time, they are also trained enough to climb trees. Experts reveal that chipmunks are capable enough to cause huge damage to the garden. They are one of the most troublesome creatures for most homeowners in the united states. You can often find them digging flower bulbs, consuming fruits, vegetables and chewing on their favorite flowers as well as buds. After getting tired of their terrible activities, most homeowners in the United States are searching for few potential methods to get rid of chipmunks. Note that there are several natural methods to get rid of chipmunks and to save your property from their frequent attack. Some reports reveal that chipmunks can be scared away by using some home-based repellents. You might be aware of the fact that chipmunks don't like the sharp smell and taste of hot peppers, so one can use a tolerable dose of homemade pepper spray to keep these tiny creatures away from premises. If you have identified the area of damage, it is good to start using repellents in those locations to keep them safe from chipmunk attacks. Below we have highlighted information about some of the best chipmunk repellents that can help you to achieve your target.

Liquid Spray Repellents:
This solution is good enough to protect outdoor surfaces from Indiana chipmunk attack all that you need to do is pick a strong spray repellent and spray it on wood piles, mulch, flowers, gutters, roofing, bulbs, trees, plants and bird feeders. This solution can provide considerable results in case of 40 degrees plus temperature range. They must be applied until the surface is dry and there is no liquid running off. But these repellents cannot provide you desired results in rainy weather when their smell is taken off by rain.

Granular Repellents:
Granular repellents can provide better results for creating a boundary or barrier around your property to keep Evansville chipmunks out. These tiny creatures can easily travel to take shelter in various corners of your house including house perimeters, brush coverings, pathways, mulch beds, flowerbeds, gardens, crawl spaces, and attics, etc. But the great news is that you can apply granular repellents in all these areas to block chipmunk’s access. These solutions last longer as compared to the liquid repellents.

Electronic Repellents:
If you have observed Indiana chipmunks targeting your outdoors again and again; it is good to take help from electronic repellents to get relief from these creatures. Although they are not permanent solutions, they can control the population of chipmunks for some time. Areas, where you can install electronic repellents, are trees, garbage cans, property entryways, koi ponds, structures, yards, pool areas, flowerbeds, pathways, mulch beds, plants, vegetable gardens. Repellents cannot be considered as permanent solutions for dealing with Evansville chipmunks problem, but they can provide you some relief until you find a potential solution.

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